Glamee Nova Kiwi Blueberry Ice Review

Glamee Nova Kiwi Blueberry Ice Review

The Glamee Nova disposable is a popular choice amongst vapers because of its intense nicotine rush and affordability. This disposable has a 5% nicotine strength that can satisfy your nicotine cravings and keep you away from smoking cigarettes.

This device has a 4000 puff capacity and comes in many great flavors including Green Energy Drink, Kiwi Blueberry Ice, Taro Ice Cream, Lush Ice, and Cool Mint.

Sweet and Fruity

Glamee Nova is a pre-filled, disposable vaping device that gives you a nice throat hit and thick vapor. This device features a stylish metal body and a beautiful ring sandwiched between the mouthpiece and the body. Its sleek design is a favorite among users because it looks and feels great in the hand.

This device is available in a variety of flavors, including icy cold menthol and refreshing fruity blends. Some of the most popular flavors include Apple Banana Ice, a combination of crisp apple and ripe banana with a hint of menthol. Other flavors include Tropical Mango, a burst of tropical fruits with sweet peach.

This device also offers some delicious dessert and fruity flavors, such as Taro Ice Cream, which is a custard base topped with a sweet nutty flavor. Other popular options are Cool Mint, which is a chilly genuine mint flavor with a refreshing menthol exhale. You can also try the fruity and tropical tastes of Passionfruit Mango, Blue Razz Ice, or Lush Ice.


Glamee Nova Kiwi Blueberry Ice is a cool-flavored vape that is perfect for any time of the year. It’s sweet, fruity, and reliable, making it a Dragon’s Breath crew favorite.

Designed for a convenient and discreet experience, Glamee Nova is a disposable pod that comes pre-charged and filled with e-liquid. It’s easy to use and ideal for newcomers as well as veteran vapers.

It’s also available in a wide range of flavors, so you can enjoy your favorite flavor every time. The 5% nicotine strength delivers a potent and satisfying nicotine rush that can help you quit smoking cigarettes.

With its sleek, pocket-friendly design and 4000 puffs capacity, Glamee Nova is the ideal choice for your on-the-go vaping needs. It features a powerful 2200mAh battery and a large 16ml pre-filled pod of tasty salt nicotine e-liquid. You can choose from a variety of Glamee Nova pod flavors like blue raspberry lemon, mint, Peach Mango Watermelon, Jungle Juice, Fantasy Love, and more.


Glamee Nova disposable vapes are a great way to kick your tobacco smoking habit. They’re small enough to be used while on the go and can be charged using any standard USB cable. They’re also durable and have a large capacity that allows for long-lasting vaping.

This disposable device has a huge 16mL pre-filled pod and can provide up to 4000 puffs. Its 2200mAh built-in battery and high-quality mesh coil ensure that you’ll have plenty of power to last all day.

Featuring a 5% nicotine strength, the Glamee Nova disposable provides a potent nicotine rush that can help you quit smoking. With 27 different flavors to choose from, the Glamee Nova is a versatile choice for all flavor enthusiasts. Lemon cool mint is one of the most popular Glamee Nova flavors, especially among people living in hot climates. The disposable has a lot more flavor than other brands and comes with safety features that aren’t available on most other throwaway devices.


Glamee Nova is one of the best disposable vapes in the market. It comes in various flavors and has a long-lasting battery. It also has an easy-to-carry size and is pocket-friendly.

The 2200 mAh internal battery provides a massive 4000 puffs of continuous vaping. It is available in numerous incredible flavors such as Cool Mint, PASSION FRUIT MANGO, BLUE RASPBERY LEMON, LUSH ICE, and TARO ICE.

It is an excellent choice for anyone looking to get the most value out of their vaping experience. It has an amazing throat hit and thick vapor. It also has an attractive design that makes it look great in the hand.

This disposable vape has a stylish design that looks nice in the hand and feels comfortable on the lips. It also has a beautiful ring sandwiched between the mouthpiece and the device’s body, which adds to its style. The comfortable narrowing mouthpiece is also easy to use. This makes it the perfect choice for anyone looking to upgrade their current disposable vape device.