Relevant Vapes – Vape Accessories

Relevant Vapes - Vape Accessories

E-cigarettes contain nicotine, which can harm brain development and lead to addiction. They also contain chemicals like diacetyl, linked to a lung condition called bronchiolitis obliterans (popcorn lung), and metals and contaminants.

Vaping creates an aerosol that contains small particles of nicotine and other harmful substances. These particles can damage the lungs and other organs.


The e-liquid industry is constantly changing and there are a huge variety of flavours to choose from. These can be tobacco or non-tobacco and come in a wide range of strengths. You can even find e liquids without nicotine, which is ideal for smokers who are transitioning to vaping.

These contain propylene glycol and vegetable glycerin, relevant vapes a variety of flavours. They can also have optional nicotine, available in freebase or nicotine salt form. Freebase nicotine gives a stronger throat hit, while nicotine salts are less harsh and are suitable for heavy smokers.

Flavouring ingredients increase e-cigarette attractiveness and use, particularly among young non-smokers, and they can lead to exposure to potentially toxic chemicals, including diacetyl. This chemical is considered safe in food products but may be harmful when inhaled as an aerosol.

Pod systems

Pod systems are compact and easy-to-use devices that deliver a vape similar to that of a cigarette. They can be either draw-activated or button fire depending on your preference. They are great for those new to vaping as they are simple and produce discreet clouds.

Some pod mods can even be used as a backup device for those days your main vape tank and mod need to be charged or you are simply not in the mood to assemble a complex device. They can also be filled with e-liquid of your choice. Whether it is a refillable model where you can open the pod and fill it yourself or pre-filled cartridges, they are easy to use and can be refilled quickly for those on-the-go vapers.

Closed pod devices

Closed pod devices require little-to-no maintenance and are ideal for vapers who want to enjoy the convenience of a portable device. They can be used with any e-liquid, including nicotine salt e-liquids, and they are very easy to use. You simply pop a pod into the device and start vaping. Each replacement pod is pre-filled and contains its own coil, so you don’t have to worry about refilling.

The small, discreet devices snap into the battery and are ready to use. Many pod systems feature airflow adjustment, which allows you to tailor your draw. This helps you choose between a loose or tight mouth to lung draw, and can mimic the feeling of drawing on a cigarette. Unlike more technical devices like box mods, closed pod devices do not allow you to adjust the wattage or resistance of the coils.

Open pod devices

Open pod devices offer vapers greater freedom of choice with e-liquid flavour and formulation. This can make them a better option for vapers who want to experience mouth to lung or direct to lung vaping, and who may feel restricted by closed pod systems that only accept a specific range of pre-filled cartridges.

These systems tend to be favoured by experienced vapers who are comfortable with the idea of opening up their pod device and pouring in a bottle of e-liquid themselves, although it does add an extra step to the process. They also require a little more maintenance, with open systems needing to replace their coils and pods over time. Closed pods, on the other hand, are super easy to use; simply click in a new pod when one is empty.

Vape accessories

Whether you’re looking to improve your device’s functionality, make it more comfortable in your hand or just add an artistic touch, there are many vape accessories available. These are useful for both experienced and beginner vapers, as they allow you to personalize your device and enhance your experience.

Some of the most popular accessories include drip tips and silicone mats. These are designed to hold your atomizers, batteries and other components in place so they don’t roll around or get lost. Some even have indentations to stand the parts up, making them easier to access when refilling or cleaning.

You can also find a range of chargers and replacement parts for your device. These are essential, as even the best-planned vapers can find themselves with a battery that’s run out of charge.