The Bali Class Frozen Peach Disposable Vape

The Bali Class Frozen Peach Disposable Vape

The Bali Class Frozen Peach disposable vape is the smoothest pod device in the Bali Diamond lineup. It produces dense vapor and delivers a strong nicotine hit.

It features a rechargeable 900mAh battery that can last for over 6500 puffs. It is available in a wide range of incredible flavors.

CLASS Melon Berry

CLASS Melon Berry is a delicious blend of melons and mixed berries that is sure to delight your vaping palate. This e-liquid has been carefully crafted to deliver the perfect balance of sweet and fruity flavors that is sure to please all vapers.

CLASS Fiji Fruit

Fiji Fruit by Bali vape is a tropical treat for the fruit lover. This e-liquid offers a smooth blend of sweetness and tangy flavors. Its candy-like finish makes it ideal for summer days and hot climates.

The Bali Diamond disposable vape has a rechargeable 650mAh built-in battery and can provide over 6500 puffs. This device features a powerful heating element that produces thick vapor clouds and excellent flavor. It’s perfect for new vapers or anyone looking to make a switch from smoking cigarettes.

CLASS Ice Mint

CLASS Ice Mint is a cool and refreshing vape juice featuring the fresh taste of menthol. This flavor is perfect for any fruit lover looking to enjoy a summertime vape. The icy menthol blends with the sweet and juicy taste of ripe peaches to create a smooth and refreshing vape experience.

CLASS Pineapple Ice

This tropical flavor of CLASS Pineapple Ice has a sweet and tangy taste of ripe pineapples that will satisfy your fruit cravings. It is topped with a refreshing hint of menthol for an extra cool sensation with every puff.