Understanding the Variances Between Smoke Shops and Vape Shops

Have you ever been on that frustrating hunt looking for some particular smoking essential, but finding it seems like an impossible mission? You might wonder why such a usual item is unavailable at shops dedicated to smoking.

Well, this is because you’re probably in the wrong shop altogether. Since the Vapouriser, popular as Vapes, started trending last decade, there has been a paradigm shift in the traditional smoke shops. The new industry received exceptional support from entrepreneurs worldwide. Now, you can find vape shops on almost every street corner. So, if you live in a decent-sized community, you have two options to save your smoking needs. Either you can visit a Smoke shop or a Vape Shop.

This article will make you understand the clear distinction between the two types of retailers and which shop to consider for particular needs. And lastly, How do they compare to each other?

If you visit a Smoke Shop looking for vape products, there is a pretty high chance that you will be disappointed because of the limited range of products. Vaping items are ancillary products for a smoke shop. The primary products at smoke shops or head shop are basically tobacco-related and herbs.

At the same time, vapes are merely another source of revenue for them. Depending on the versatility of the store, a good smoke shop might sell things like cigars, tobacco, roll-your-own supplies, pipes, Vaporisers, glassware and hemp products like CBD. The Customers going into a smoke shop for their purchases are presumed to have knowledge of whatever product they wish to purchase. Thus making it slightly discomfiting for novice smokers.

Vape shops are typically shops dedicated to Vapourisers and their accessories. You’re likely to encounter vaping experts at a vape shop who will provide you with consultation and educate you about all vape products. A good vape shop will normally train its employees to serve their customers better and answer all the questions related to it.

At a vape shop, you will have employees who can tell you how to set up a new device and build coils. They can recommend the best vaping techniques or troubleshoot problems like why your vape tank is getting hot. Visiting a vape store is just like visiting an Apple store where Apple geniuses help you through all of your needs. In our case, they are Vape Genius at a Vape Store.